Our New Crazy World

What is the problem with the world? More specifically, the internet? Well, there are NUMEROUS things we can talk about and none would be wrong, in my opinion, but let’s keep this short. At this moment, many people would consider one thing the biggest problem; net neutrality. While I COMPLETELY agree and wonder what could possibly happen, I can’t help but think about how much the world consumes, basically everything, via the internet. The way the public consumes information as completely changed within the last 10 years. But how truthful is everything? I am sure we have all heard of “fake news,” if you haven’t, there where the heck have you been? We kind of just throw around the term now when we hear something we don’t like or agree with, but it is a problem.

The internet, for the most part, is free. A large amount of people have access to the internet. If we are not in our homes, out phones, that have internet, are usually close by. We consume and consume and consume all day long. We see so manydifferent things, but is it true? Well, it is on the internet, so it must be true, right? Wrong. So wrong. Like, wow. Now, millennials of course do not believe that, but grandma, grandpa and uncle Bob sure do.

So why do I think this is a problem. Well, like I have said, so many people are getting their news via the internet, more specifically social media. Also, the fact that posting anything on the internet is so easy, means that anyone can post information, whether it be right or wrong. But how do we fix this? A CNN article, mentioned banning the phrase all together. Honestly, I do not think that would work, I am sure we would think of a new phrase. I think we just need to somehow inform people (I know this is extremely impossible, but hey, one can dream, right?) what fake news is and exactly how todetermine something is “fake news.”

Another problem we are facing with the internet and digital world, is the pace at which everything is changing. This makes it extremely difficult to teach people that are in school studying to become a journalist.

I have mentioned it before, but the difference between my undergrad and graduate level programs is insane. When I was getting my undergrad, I never though I was so far behind, but to my surprise, we were.

Things change so fast that one is taught a certain topics and then two years later it becomes obsolete. This becomes difficult for journalism programs to successfully teach their students. As we saw in Journalism’s emerging platform, the virtual world and drones are the newest way for journalist to portray, but just h
ow long will that be the new innovative way? It is hard to tell.

One of the biggest things I have learned this semester is just how digital the world has becomes. Reading all of the readings has really opened my eyes. I think this will really help me in the future when working in the real world. At least one of my degrees will be worth something and actually help me.


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