The New World of Shopping

Alright, I think it is safe to say that pretty much anything talked about in this blog will have to do with technology, specifically, digital media. Well this post is really no different. Now, we are diving into the world of shopping and how companies are now staying alive.

The world of shopping as changed DRAMATICALLY, thanks to the internet. Also, thanks to a little (not really little, more like gigantic) company called Amazon, we now expect everything to be easy. I’ll be honest, I had no idea, absolutely no idea, that Amazon has been around since 1995. When I think about that, it hurts my head. But, it has absolutely changed the world of shopping so, so much.

Amazon is an amazing tool. You can find practically anything on the website, and you can have it at your door step within two days. Crazy. In Chris Anderson’s article, The Long Tail, he opens with a story that shows the power of Amazon. A book, which was released years ago and did not do very, is all of a sudden back up and now a best-seller and selling hundreds of copies. All of this thanks to Amazon. Unlike the old way of shopping — boring — Amazon will tell you things that other people are buying based on what you are buying. This allows you to see different things that may interest you without having to a lot of research. Perfect.

Anderson also brings forth the 80/20 rule. This rule states that in the 80% non-hits and not mainstream hits one will make the same, if not more, thanks the 20% hits. So, focus on the multiple small things and not the two or three big things to make money. There are so many non-hit things that it will add up a lot more quickly than just focusing on larger things.

Anderson also gives three rules for the “new entertainment economy.” The first one is making everything available. Amazon has mastered this. You can find pretty much anything on Amazon from books (duh) to appliances, accessories to food. I guarantee whatever you want, will be on Amazon.

Photographer: David Williams/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The second rule is making things extremely cheap. Making things cheap is the biggest goals for companies. During the holidays, multiple companies will mention that they will match the price of another company if you were to find a certain item that is cheaper. Well, Amazon has again mastered this wonderful aspect. Tip: always check Amazon if you are looking for a product for the right price. This also led to multiple other ideas to become cheap. The idea of being able to by singe tracks from a CD for about $1.30. You no longer have to buy an entire album for one song, you can just by that single track.

The third and final rule is helping you find it. Just like the story at the beginning of Anderson’s article, a book became popular because people were told by Amazon what other people thought and brought up other types of books. Now, people can expand their knowledge of different things without doing any research. Another great thing about all of this, is that it is all pretty much free. At first that is.

Free. That is a beautiful word right? Or does it peak my interest because I am a broke college student? I don’t know, but either way, everyone loves free things. There are so many free things on the internet. Email, cloud storage, social media, etc. But, one thing never changes. The world of ads. Thanks to ads we are able to do all of our favorite things for free, but how long before it is no longer free? No, I am not talking about the interest charging you, but you falling into the traps of paying for the services without ads.

Many of the services that we use that are free most likely have a free option, as well as, a paid service. While free is nice, ads can get pretty annoying. I have tried many sites that are free, but end up falling for the paid services because a) I want more services or b) I am tired of see those gosh darn ads.

So, will free always be the option. Not necessarily. There are tons of series out there that are free, but we all end up falling for the paid services because we want things to be exactly the way we want it.

This all falls into the idea of humans wanting everything at their finger tips. You can shop from your computer, watch movies, tv shows etc. from you computer, you can even work from your computer. So, the world of online living is only just beginning. Things are going start changing really soon.


Amazon will soon be an even bigger household name. Just this year, they have announced they are leasing 40 aircraft to help them del more with their logistics, rather than depending on UPS and FedEx. Buying things from Amazon will be a lot easier, in my opinion, in the next couple of years.

But, is everything free. Short answer is no. There are options out there for the free things, but it doesn’t make us happy. Even Amazon has a paid subscription.

People will pay for anything, especially if it will make their lives easier.


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